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Lecture Series on Biblical Archaeology
This fall the American Jewish University (formerly the University of Judaism) in Los Angeles, California, will host its 18th and final program of lectures in Biblical archaeology, sponsored by Frederick L. Simmons.
This year’s program is titled “Biblical Texts, Archaeological Investigations and Historical Analyses: Getting Them Together and Getting Them Right” and will feature lectures by prominent scholars: Jane M. Cahill (Jebusites and Jerusalem), Gary Rendsberg (the Patriarchs), James K. Hoffmeier (Egyptology and the Bible), Jodi Magness (Israelite burial practices), Leen Ritmeyer (the Temples of Solomon and Herod), Steven Fine (early synagogues and churches) and Ziony Zevit (Creation and the Divine Presence).
For more information about the lecture series, visit our Web site at www.biblicalarchaeology.org/AJUlectures.

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