Will all of the BAS publication material be available?
Yes. Currently, all of the editorial content of Biblical Archaeology Review from 1975–present is available. Every issue of Bible Review (1985–2005) and Archaeology Odyssey (1998–2006), as well as from four of BAS’s best-selling books, is also included in the BAS Online Archive. Only advertisements have been omitted.

How long will each article take to display?
That depends on your connection speed, but the articles and graphics are designed to load as quickly as possible. You should be aware, however, that BAS publications are rich with photographs and maps. There are currently over 15,000 images in the archive.

How long will searches take?
The BAS archive is held in a SQL database specifically designed and hosted for fast Web delivery. The average search takes less than 10 seconds.

How is the artwork displayed?
When you open each article small images (maximum height or width 300 pixels) will be displayed as they were within articles. Clicking on the image will pop-up a larger image (maximum height or width 600 pixels), along with a caption and a photo credit.

What is the image quality?
We are very proud of the images in BAS publications and have worked hard to reproduce that same quality on the Web. In order to facilitate quick loading, we have reduced the resolution of the original artwork to 72 dpi.

What are the search criteria?
You may search by title, author, subject (with the subject list offered as a pop-up window), issue, date range, any word, or a combination of these categories.

How is the subject search done?
(1) All BAS publications have been fully and professionally indexed. (2) By entering any topic into the subject field, you will be presented with all articles listed under that topic. (3) If you don’t know what subject to search for, a complete list of subjects is included.

What about abbreviations in your publications?
All abbreviations used in BAS publications are spelled out when clicked on.

How are articles displayed?
Each article is listed by title, subtitle, author (with links to author biographical information), article body and sidebars. All footnotes and endnotes are provided as links from the article body. At the end of each article a continually updated Further Reading section, listing items on related subjects, is provided.

How are the Biblical references handled?
Biblical references within the text are linked to the relevant passages in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

How do students access the site?
We offer the options of username/password and IP address verification. Please note that in either case a cookie will need to be placed on the user’s machine, and that we must be able to read your gateway information if you wish to use IP address verification. If you have security restrictions that prevent this, please contact us so that we can make special arrangements. If your institution controls access directly from your Web site, we will work with you to implement your access. If you choose this option, additional charges may apply.

Is there a time limit on use?
There is no time limit. However, if there is no activity from a registered user for more than 30 minutes, the connection will time-out. In such a case, the user might have to log back on to BASarchive.org.

Will you limit the number of users?
No. Once an institution has subscribed to the BAS Online Archive, every member of that institution can be provided access.

Can multiple users log on simultaneously?

What statistics will you provide?
We track each user session. The administrator for your institution will have access to this information by logging in to the “Edit Account” area with the institution username and administrative password.
The usage file provides you with the number of articles retrieved during a specific month.

What happens if our username/password is shared?
It is your responsibility to protect your username/password. We will periodically change passwords, and will contact you to coordinate this. Also, if we notice unusually high amounts of use from your institution, we will notify your technical contact to insure that the use is proper.

Will we be able to copy and paste all of the content?
Yes, provided that no member from your institution violates copyright laws, you will be able to make fair use of all content. Please refer to our complete copyright statement.

What are the system requirements?
All you are required to have is an Internet connection. We recommend a dedicated connection and at least 800 X 600 screen resolution.

What is the price of a subscription?
Yearly subscriptions will range from $99.50 to $600, depending on the size of your institution and how much your members use the archive. For more information, see Pricing.

Will technical support be provided?
Your institution will be required to provide technical support to your faculty and students. However, a BAS staff member will be available during normal business hours to address questions that your institutional contact person might have.
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